Democracy Talks Tournament
(Battle on the Grass)

May 24–25, 2019
Sloviansk, 2019


Sofiia Chelovian

Session Topic: Development of social democratic values by the means of mass media

Yaroslav Pomyrchyi

Session Topic: Spheres of universal human values

Polina Shumska

Session Topic: Tolerance, ethnic pluralism and acceptance of diversity

Kateryna Chorna

Session Topic: Freedom of the press and expression

Olena Syrotenko

Session Topic: Students self-government as a way to democracy

Tetiana Pelikh

Session Topic: Freedom of thoughts, belief and conscience

Nadiia Onyshchenko

Session Topic: Democracy in education

Serhii Kolomoiets

Session Topic: Democracy and self-expression

“Democracy Talks Tournament (Battle on the Grass)”


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